FAST at the RegMed XB 2nd Annual Conference

16:00 -
RegMed XB 2nd Annual Conference

FAST at the RegMed XB 2nd Annual Conference

On Wednesday the 12th of June, Saco de Visser, Scientific Director of FAST, will be giving a presentation, addressing the critical theme of maintaining affordability in innovative therapy development and enhancing access of new therapies for patients.

🎤 Saco de Visser
🗓 Wed June 12th
⌚16:00 – 16:30

Despite scientific progress, access to novel therapies at acceptable costs is under increasing pressure. FAST is at the forefront of addressing these challenges, fostering smarter, more affordable, and sustainable development, production, and access of new therapies for patients. Through collaborative efforts, FAST engages stakeholders to overcome barriers in therapy development, from technology adoption to regulatory optimization.

As a national expertise center, FAST facilitates collaboration and knowledge exchange among researchers, patient representatives, entrepreneurs, and regulators. The FAST session will spotlight pivotal areas within therapy development, providing insights into navigating complexities while focusing on accessibility and affordability.

Do you want to discover how innovative pilots exploring access models, pricing strategies, and research contribute to face the challenge of accessible ATMPs in the future. Make sure to register before the 1st of May to benefit from the Early Bird discount!

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