Platform to future affordable & sustainable therapies

FAST is a national platform for sustainable therapy development where affordability and innovation go hand in hand.

Platform to future affordable & sustainable therapies

FAST provides access to available knowledge and expertise, optimization of the infrastructure and coordination of public efforts for therapy development. With an integrated approach, FAST forms a connecting link between policy makers, financiers, (academic) knowledge institutions and companies to get new treatments to patients as quickly as possible at socially acceptable costs.

FAST stimulates and opens up the available infrastructure for businesses and science. As a coordinating center of expertise, FAST supports researchers and entrepreneurs in the various phases of therapy development. FAST focuses on areas with unmet medical needs, such as rare diseases and infectious diseases.

Investing in future therapies and infrastructure

FAST aims the keep the right balance between innovative entrepeneurship and accessible, affordable innovations. Thanks to a well-functioning ecosystem making the Netherlands a top location for modern therapy development. Where innovation and affordability go hand in hand.

Bring together

Knowledge and expertise by utilising information and bringing relevant parties together.


Matching funding and the development of terms and conditions of funding.


Address and signal bottlenecks and opportunities in the development chain.


Strengthening the necessary infrastructure and promote education.

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