Centre for future affordable & sustainable therapy development

FAST is a national centre for sustainable therapy development where affordability and innovation go hand in hand.

Centre for future affordable & sustainable therapy development

The high level of medical and pharmacological knowledge and the possibilities for collaboration between companies and academia in the Netherlands offer opportunities to take a leading position in the field of therapy development.

FAST (Centre for Future Affordable Sustainable Therapy development) promotes faster, smarter, better and cheaper development, production and availability of new therapies for patients.

By strengthening the innovative power of the Dutch LSH ecosystem, FAST serves patients, healthcare in general and economic growth in a strategically important sector. The strength of the expertise centre lies in the collaboration with patient organisations, knowledge institutes, healthcare providers, companies and government agencies, in short with the LSH ecosystem in the broadest sense.

Investing in future therapies and infrastructure

FAST aims the keep the right balance between innovative entrepeneurship and accessible, affordable innovations. Thanks to a well-functioning ecosystem making the Netherlands a top location for modern therapy development. Where innovation and affordability go hand in hand.

Bring together

Knowledge and expertise by utilising information and bringing relevant parties together.


Matching funding and the development of terms and conditions of funding.


Address and signal bottlenecks and opportunities in the development chain.


Strengthening the necessary infrastructure and promote education.

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