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FAST uses session cookies and session storage on this website.

Session cookies are functional cookies, intended to make the website work properly. With functional cookies it is not required to first ask the website visitors for permission.

These cookies contain a different, temporary number each time you visit the website. The session cookies are deleted after you close your browser.

We use session cookies to check whether your device, such as your computer, laptop or smartphone, supports JavaScript.

JavaScript ensures, among other things, that you see drop-down menus on the website. If your device does not support JavaScript, the website will not display correctly.

We also use session cookies to make our online forms work properly. The session cookies are deleted after you close your browser.

Session storage is a form of temporary storage of data, just like session cookies are. We only use session storage to store information about the structure of the website in your browser.

Session storage makes it easy to click or swipe through the list of topics on the website. No personal data from you is processed here.

We use a statistics program to analyze which pages are visited the most, how visitors came to our website and which search terms are used in our search engine.

To this end, like most websites, we collect IP addresses from our visitors. These are stored in so-called log files.

The log files are stored on the web server for 5 days so that they are available for the statistics program. After that, the log files are kept for 90 days for security reasons only and are only viewed for that purpose.

Article 32 of the GDPR obliges FAST to take appropriate technical and organizational measures to prevent the loss of personal data or unlawful processing.

FAST has taken measures to limit the traceability of visitors to our website as much as possible. We do this by anonymizing the last 2 octets (groups of numbers) of each IP address immediately after importing the log files into the statistics program. This is done in a temporary memory before the IP addresses are stored.

We collect the following data with the log files:
• requested web pages and downloads;
• IP address (the traceability of visitors is limited as much as possible by anonymizing the last groups of numbers of each IP address);
• user agents (browsers, operating system);
• used appliances (type, brand);
• location (based on anonymized IP addresses);
• search terms used to reach our website via external search engines;
• search terms used in the search engine on the website itself;
• links used to access our website (referrers).

These log files remain in the database of the statistics program for 31 days. Then they are removed. This leaves only aggregated (joined) information in the database. We use this to create reports about website visits.

We do not provide personal data to third parties, unless this is necessary to report criminal offences.

Third Party Content
This website contains content from third parties, such as widgets, plug-ins or embedded content.