About FAST

The development of new therapies is expensive, full of hurdles and knowledge-intensive. There are obstacles that stand in the way of acceleration and innovation in therapy development. Which means loss, for government, industry, knowledge partners and most importantly the patient.

FAST focuses on keeping the right balance between innovative entrepreneurship and accessible, affordable innovations in therapy development. By coordinating the use of public funds in research and entrepreneurship. And by making a well-functioning ecosystem accessible. To make the Netherlands a prime location for modern therapy development, where innovation and affordability go hand in hand.

Sharing knowledge
We aim to prevent the government and the industry from financing expensive, hopeless projects or that promising inventions do not reach the patient. For this, FAST will collect and make available knowledge and expertise from partner organizations and advise which projects to select that are an important part of making innovative therapies available and affordable. The focus is on public-private partnerships and financing of transit, for example in the form of new initiatives within the business community.

Our new impulse will stimulate therapy development in a number of areas in close collaboration with existing structures and organizations:

  • by opening up information and bringing together relevant parties;
  • by identifying and addressing bottlenecks and opportunities;
  • by strengthening the necessary infrastructure;
  • by deploying, organizing and facilitating matching financing (‘further financing’);
  • by promoting therapy development education
  • by developing attractive and guiding financing terms and conditions